Prestige Car Storage Tips

Prestige Car Storage Tips

Preparation items to be considered for storing prestige cars properly.

Car Storage Facility

Location, security, accessibility, wash bay and service available for your presige car.

Prestige Car Batteries

Battery minders keep the voltage at the correct level by charging and cycling the battery. For lengthy periods it may pay to disconnect or remove. Some cars may suffer with computer memory failure with removal.

Prestige Car Cooling Systems

this will depend on the product in the system as Ethylene Glycol has a serviceable life period, inhibitors for older vehicles are more friendly and straight water will cause rust and possibly electrolysis.

Prestige Car Fuel

this will be vehicle specific but a minimum would be sufficient to cover the electric fuel pump. Full tanks for long periods should have stabiliser added for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

Prestige Car Tyres

tyre pressure should be raised slightly or at least to recommended pressure and inspected on a routine basis. Products such as Flat Stoppers can be utilised to remove the annoying habit of tyres going flat where the road contact is made. This also maintains a more constant temperature on the tyre.

Prestige Car Engines

engines should be stored with reasonably clean oil so as not to have any residual carbon or chemical byproducts that could solidify or corrode. Depending on time periods the re starting of engines will differ as will the oils serviceable life. We can happily make suggestions for your specific vehicle.

Prestige Car Brakes

handbrakes / E Brakes where fitted should not be applied, wheels should be chocked. Brake fluid should be flushed and changed before use if vehicle is in storage for more than two years or if manufacturers specifications require changing more regularly.

Making a Prestige Car Storage plan

It is recommended that notes be left with the vehicle as to what has been done. Planning the storage and then later procedures for making the vehicle ready for service will be much easier if planned and recorded. My Car Storage can help you with written plan and any other requirements eg insurance compliance for your prestige car.