Long term car storage preparation

Recommended steps to prepare your car for long term storage are the same as for short term storage but with the following additions:

• Advise your insurance company that you intend to store your car and where.
• Have the car fully serviced and fill the fuel tank just prior to storage.  Fuel stabiliser should be added.
• Wax and polish all body work and chrome.
• Raise the car removing some of the weight from the tyres and suspension. If the tyres are not touching the ground the transmission and driveline may then be operated.
• Extreme care should be taken if jump starting a low or flat battery. The operator could be seriously injured or damage may be caused to the car's electrical system.

When the time comes to return the vehicle to normal service after storage the following steps should be taken:

• Check tyre pressures.
• Remove support stands.
• Clean battery terminals and reconnect.
• Check oil, water and fuel.
• Carry out any special instructions outlined in the owner's manual.
• Test the brake pedal pressure.
• Start engine and check operation of all the systems.

Important: seek expert advice if your car's systems appear abnormal. The above procedures will reduce but cannot eliminate all of the risks involved when storing your vehicle.