How can I prepare my car for storage?

Steps to prepare your car for storage.

• Inflate the car's tyres to correct operating pressure. Tyres will be checked on a regular basis at My Car Storage.

• Release the parking brake. Select Park is vehicle is an automatic or if manual leave in gear and place a note so as key cannot be operated without neutral being selected, or leave in neutral and chock the wheels.

• Fit a battery minder to cycle the batteries charge rate. These are supplied by My Car Storage.

Caution - disconnecting the battery in modern vehicles can result in memory loss of security, engine and transmission management systems. The stereo system may also incur memory loss and will require re-coding prior to resetting of radio stations. Check your owner's manual for any special instructions before disconnecting the battery and follow them carefully.

• If the vehicle is left for a period of time it can be beneficial to run the motor to operating temperature plus another 10 minutes. While the engine is being run, switch on the air conditioner for five minutes. This will guard against the air conditioner compressor seals drying out and ensure that oil in the system does not drain away from moving parts.

Important: seek expert advice if your car's systems appear abnormal. The above procedures will reduce but cannot eliminate all of the risks involved when storing your vehicle.